Spring is coming: Meetings, plants, and clean-ups.

Photo by Dennis Browne, used with permission.

A couple of quick notes as we move into spring:

First, our annual meeting is coming up on March 29th. We’ll be updating you shortly with event details, and we plan to get a complete agenda out to the membership for their review about a week in advance of the meeting.

Second, we’ve added a wonderful native plant checklist from Malloree , the owner of Chickadee Forestry to the website. It lives in the sidebar now for easy reference.

Third, we wanted to thank everyone that picks up trash along Crawford Road, year round! It’s a lot of work and we appreciate it. We’re going to be scheduling our annual clean up event here at the beginning of April to help your daily efforts. We encourage everyone to come out, and spend a morning cleaning up the road — it makes a big difference!

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